About us

We are a small craft distillery in Long Rock just outside of Penzance. We strive to produce everything with the utmost integrity to our craft and respect for the ingredients and the environments that influence our recipes.

Currently producing two gins, a classic dry gin and a cucumber infused gin. We have just released our Cornish Summer Cup with an Absinthe due imminently and plans are in progress to get some whisky and possibly some brandy stocks laid down.

Shaun Bebington

Shaun Bebington

Founder, Distiller, Bottle Filler and/or Box Packer.


Paul Motley

CoFounder, accounts.


Dale Bebington

Inspiration, Cocktail, recipe, ideas guru.


Paige Martin

Business Development, Social Media.

Our Distillery

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017 3633 3550


Unit 4C, Longrock Industrial, Penzance, Cornwall, TR20 8HX